Monica's Brazilian Blowout, click this Title for the Pictures!

This is Monica’s Brazilian Blowout. This Lady is a Keeper!!!! , I Gave her two girls a Brazilian Blowout, too. It was a Family Affair , she says they Don’t fight over the Flat Iron anymore!
so there is Peace in the Morning!!! Brianna, Taylor and Monica, are threee Happy girls!

5 Brazilian Blowouts This week!

5 Brazilian Blowouts, This week! 5 happy people I’m too tired to sleep, and too tired to Post the pictures, What a great time Making people so Happy!!! I have 3 booked for next week, I am going to have to Hire a new assistant, or Hire a new assistant, Whew , I’m pooped….

Ivana's Brazilian Blowout

This is Princess Ivana, As we call her at, She is our Tongan Angel, In her home Country,
Warriors wear Kava Kava, or Sarong , My best Friend Garth calls it a so wrong,!!! LOL!
any way …. Yes, so do I when it is hot… Anyway, This is her Brazilian Blowout, she is very Happy,
And it makes me super happy to see her so Stoked!!

Ivana's Brazillion Blowout

Ivana's Brazillion Blowout

Straighten this curl OUT!!

I’m trying to be Clever, as in Straighten this Girl OUT!!………….

My Friend Shana, has Uncontrolable Multi-textured Hair , or SHE USED TOO, now her hair Takes five Minutes ” her Words” and cried when we
were done……….., I Might use, A Brazilian Blowout, Hair Ope, Rusk ST8, and Bioionx to perform this Awesome salon Service, Since I am
Rocking! so any methods, I can customize out what’s perfect for you! This is why I insist on a Consultation for this service!

Not a lot of Hairstlyists can say this, But I Can!!
This is one benefit to being around for a while, Many Wonderful local Hairstylists send their Clients to Me.
Thank you, Guys!