Lori's Brazilian Blowout !

This is Lori!!! I gave her a Brazilian Keratin Treatment..! ” the second one i did last Saturday, I didn’t take a “before’ Picture, but it turned out great!!! Thank you Lori , !!

Jill's new Hair!!! a Brazilian Blowout, and a fresh Haircut!!!!!

This is Jill, I can’t think of a better way to start off a busy Hairdressing week, I have Love in my heart! Jill has thee thickest hair Iv’e ever done a Brazilian Blowout on, it took almost 4 hr’s and I was working as hard and fast as I could,
A Lovely lady refered by her sister, I think she looks like Elizibeth Perkins, Thank you Jill, a new Mother, of a ten week old, Cameron, Thank you Jill for letting me Post the results!!! I’t was a Pleasure spending time with you!!!

I am here to help women have a better, full Fun, LIFE, looking BLAZING HOT!! with a minimal amount of time, so she can attend to those two sweet Babies, ….. Again No burnoff, I do it the right, safe,….. in a Professional way…..
There is no issues, if , and or but’s
I rock the Brazilian Blowout , Safe… AND, I am very proud of it, How many people post the results of their Job, for all the world to see Daily ? I’m Proud of helping people, Proud of my Profession, and Very greatful of the Skill’s God has givin Me, Brazilian Blowouts, Hair color, Haircuts, Big and Small, I ROCK THEM ALL!!!!!!
Merlin Robertson, www.merlin4hair.com

This is Joyce, American and Brazilian Blowout Hero!!

This is Joyce, Saturday Oct 10, She Back Came in and thanked Me!!!!!!!! three weeks ago I gave her a Brazilian Blowout, It was done Over mulitiple sodium Hydroxcide relaxers, They are the Harshest there is in Salons today.
I told her and she was very informed about the recent fuss about formaldehyde, and all the rest of the BS that the recent news has brought up, I was totally honest with all the current issues, all the choices, she has from a professional like me, any risks, I was very thorough explaining everything, Pro and Con,
She said go for it, I felt vindicated, especially when it turned out so Fantastic!! her hair swings, with shine and lustre,
She said her hair has never been better, THERE WAS MINIMAL Burn off , so there was nothing to breathe in, no hurt eyes,
and my co-workers very impressed, no one complained about a thing, they kept coming to check out the progress, on a African -American style curl, The Facts are if you use any product responsibly, they are great tools and you can enhance peoples lives. Merlin Has had Asthma so it would be stupid for me do this service day after day… It matters to me a lot!! Safety for my clients, and Safety for myself. it means everything!!!!!

Joyce, Thank you , you are one lovely Lady! you Made my week!!!