The One and ONLY! Brazilian Blowout, The Video on ABC Channel 30

The Brazilian Blowout news Video

I have gift certificates for Christmas, I will give a Complimentary haircut with this promotion, I am a Master at the Brazilian Blowout, I am Certified, and experienced! on every hair type.
If someone tells you they do the Brazilian Blowout Please ask, to see their kit, and their Certificate,
If they can’t , It is a cheap imitation, of the real thing, and there is a lot of cheap imitations out there,

The Rest is Karaoke!!!!!!!!!!!!, Compared to the Original song !!!!!

Iso's Sands, Brazilian Blowout, November 15

What words can I express about St.Iso? How about………….. Beautiful, Courageous, Wonderful, Kind-hearted, Gorgeous, Friend, Sexy, Brave, Selfless ,Caring, Sharing, Helping, Understanding, Funny,
Talented, Awesome Woman of, and from God,and a new Grandmother!!!!!!!
I loved Iso from the very minute I met her a couple of years ago, she Came in Last Saturday, We did her first Brazilian Blowout, My Goal was to, Make her hair less curly, so she send spends More time on her thick, high maintaince hair, and take the frizz out of foggy season in Fresno,
A busy Professor at Fresno State, I wanted her to Make her life easier, It took only two hours. start to finish for the treatment So she got a great deal. ( cause I rock) I’m proud of my work,…….
Her Daughter,is also a friend/client of mine, Laura is so pretty, ( Yes I do her Hair too, the way I met Iso)
I know where her lovelyness comes from…
Take a Bow Iso !! your one of the Best there is !!!!!! Thank God! for People Like Iso and Laura !!!