I Love Rock’N Roll, and I Love Rock’ N Hair !!!

I feel Good,!! I have lot’s of great Idea’s, I’m at the top of my Game, It’s On,
I’m content, Blessed, Happy, I have just returned from Swimming in Yosemite,
hanging with my best friends, and I want to Pass on some of this Love to YOU!!
, You will find me at Strands Salon, 432-9296, or my cell 559 287 1220,
Let’s get together, and Map out big things for your 2011!!
God Bless!! Merlin

Monica’s Highlight’s, and Brazilian Blowout, CRAZY AWESOME !! On the same Day!!!!

My Pal Josh, asked me to fix up his Wifes Hair for Las Vegas!!! Monica turned me loose!. I Highlighted and Low lighted,
and Little here and a little There’s Then she trusted me to do a Brazilian Blowout right after toning and conditioning,
The Merlin storm hit her hard, .she Left delighted, I’m Happy …. she is ready to ROCK the Las Vegas Beauty and Barber Show!!!!!! and Get Me some new sponsers !!!!!!!
This is the first time I have done both on the same day, ….. no Problem it was Perfect!!!!!!!
And it is also nice Because she Works is a Salon in Oakhurst, and Josh is every salon, Because He is the man at A&M Beauty Supply! Where I get Dikson Color Extra!

My Pal and I Snowboarding!!

My Pal and I Snowboarding!!

Dave get’s me good!!!!!!!!, We are great friends! We started hanging out after I cut his Hair!! 8 years ago !, now we “mates”
All the girls in the Salon LOVE Dave!!! , We have a lot of fun , ” It’s more than a Job…. It’s an adventure!!!! ….
Thank you God , For ALL , my wonderful Friends!!!!!!, My Family, I am so Blessed,……… My talented son Nigel, who without his skills there would be no, Merlin 4hair.com, ….. 87 people from all over the world found me yesterday, Thanks to Him…. he isstill working on my new Website, Nigel is a Full time Artist Shredder, Thanks Nigel , again!!!!!


My new Website, Thanks to Nigel!!!!!

My New Website, Thanks to Nigel!!! the old one CRASHED !  Now I  Have 68 new friends, in one day!!!        Nigel has working his butt off getting me back online, Thank You, Nigel!!!

and my Photo page is still down , It will be Back soon!!!!

Merlin Robertson , 559 287 1220

So Direct from Florence Italy, it’s www.Merlin4hair.com!!

Brianna Before and After!!!! The Brazilian Blowout!!!

This is Brianna,  A lovley Mom , I Know her Busy Life, will be Much easier!!! she will have a great year, Because Her Hair won’t drive her nut’s!!!! Thank you for sending me the Before and after pictures, We will be friends for a long time!!!!