Brazilian Blowout


Thanks to Tony, We at Strands have another First,! Brazilian Blowout

RED , RED , RED, FRICKIN HOT!!! ( Motley Cru)

Wham , Bam Thank YOU, Red Hot Maam!! I promised Amanda, a warm red Makeover to go with her awesome
Skin tone, What do you think? She Loves it, I love It , her Honey, Dave loves it, these picture are from my Cheapo I phone,
Still I worked it, and It came through! I t was red day, I did two awesome soft reds with Jessica getting a Brazilian Blowout today! I’m hot for red headed Ladies!!! so Beautiful!!!! I had a fun Day !!!!

The Brazilian Blowout ZERO !!!!

This is my very good Friend Kelly, She pretty much got me going in the Hairstyling scene, She lives in San Diego,
and came for a visit, she gave me Carte Blanche to do what ever I wanted, her Color was in good shape, but her curls
were wild ( but pretty) her hair actually changed after a Operation, so We did the Brazilian Blowout, and I gave her
a nice sexy trim, She is very Happy , her does not frizz at the Beach, and she is dropping her current Staightner,
and ordering the Brazilian Blowout, all I takes is One time to understand the difference!

Howdy Ombre!

This is the Hottest thing in Hollywood !!!!, People try to describe it, But unless they have a Picture, it’s very hard to describe, But, Iv’e been rocking it for a while, and thank God, it’s fun , I like This color technique a Lot, . If you are a Ombre! Please, Let’s talk !!!!
It is still all about the Placement of the Light, and the so important Dark,
there is a few people that can get a haircut and a toner and get away in an hour,
Ombre color, By Merlin……………….. 432 9296
Thank you for looking!!! Asta La Vista Baby!!!!!!

I’m Rocking The Famous Brazilian Blowout , It , really helps My Girls in the winter Fog!
I have Valentine Gift Certificates! ready for your Honey!
In Fact,,,,, go get a Gift Certificate from your Favorite Local Hair Stylist for your Valentine !!!!!