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Silly Girl Fashions
More thanks to Merlin Robertson for kicking ass and making our girls look fabulous… get at him today at
WWW.MERLIN4HAIR.COM | Merlin Robertson – Professoinal Hairstylist @ Strands Salon Fresno, California

Jennifer Manis
Merlin! Thank you so much for doing my hair for the fashion show!! You rock!!

Amanda Whitworth
Oh, and I still need my super awesome shirt for being a merlin4hair faithful! I’ll rock it all day long!
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Stephanie Moreno
Thank you for such an awesome job on the color you did!!!! Worked wonders for such a limited time and I got compliments all day!
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Merlin Robertson You are a angel! And I love that Kayla!
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Stephanie Moreno I’ll text over the pic of u two. SHE got compliments too for her new hairstyle! Thank you so much!! I’ve been trying to get that girl to be stylish with her hair for a couple of years now and you got her to do it in a couple of minutes!!!! She obviously loves ya!
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Merlin Robertson God bless you both, your Beautiful!!!!!
Love mer

Black to Blond, (Sara) Burnt to Brilliant! (Dr. Carol)

Well I’m Not the greatest writer, But I have to Brag….. about Carol, My Friend Who I fell in
Love with, She is A Afro-American Dentist,( pertains to her Hair Texture) who travel 45 minutes to get her Brazilian Blowout, ( and a weekly style) After a Bad, Bad Experience, I gave her a Bioluster treatment, She trusts Me ….She was so Happy to have healthy Hair when I was done, I could tell she found her new guy, (ME)……It was back to perfect, she knows her hair…. she is fun … we did a silly Picture!!!!! Ill post her new “do” next time.

Then I have Sara, She works at my Doctors Office, She has been dying ( I mean crying and Drying ) with her hair Black , Black, ( it scared Me, to tell the truth) but she wanted it blond again, but another sweet angel, who I had to help.
We decolorized her Hair, Balanced her Porosity, Highlighted her hair in all the right Places , I toned and styled it
after 8 hours in the Salon, She was the First to get there and the Last to Leave, Well…… Look at the Pictures,
I forgot to take before pictures, Sara, and After pictures ( Carol) but the said they would send them to me soon..

Two Miracle in one week!!! and Thank you God , I have so Busy….

Another Happy Lady! with a Brazilain Blowout!

Blogging is a Chore , I love Meeting new friends, and making people happy,But If you want to get in the search engines,
you have to do it , I Thank you all for helping me promote my business, I will Make you Happy! because I’m Hip, and know what’s up! Love Merlin

Veronica , and the Brazilian Blowout ZERO!!!!

You might know Veronica, She is very Famous in the Univision World, She is delightful! I got a great referral from another Priceless friend( thank you Marcella) her hair was very thick, I called a couple of loyal Friends( clients) to some.
to say I might be running late, of course they were cool, and I went to work, two hours later, her highlighted pretty hair, had the New Brazilian Blowout Zero Treatment, she was kind enough to let me take her Photos before she was Stage ready, I have been keeping the girls hair long so they the Maximum benefit of this service, but soon it will be time for spring haircuts!!!!!!! I work hard and give people a great deal! I’m Proud to show off my Talent!
and My Boys from, Debuted Synth X today , and it rocks!!!!!!!! on the Apple app store..