Kim, a Registered Nurse, and my first Brazilian Blowout at Kimmy’s

Wow, a Great Day My first Client Drives all the way from Monterey, Just so I can do her Color, a couple of Prom cuts,
then Kim, a stunning RN, and total sweetheart, is my first Brazilian Blowout at my new salon, which I totally Love,
I saw three people who I haven’t seen in years, What a Fantastic day!

Truth!, New color and Brazilian Blowout on the same day !

A Personal message from Merlin…..
There have been unscrupulous Hairstylists, trying to cut corners…….., Pretending to represent the one and only Brazilian Blowout, Using inferior harmful Knockoffs, They are Dragging us thru the mud, Because getting to stage The Brazilian Blowout is , Perfection does not happen overnight! I am very proud of what we/ I have acompilished! .
All I ask is for the consumer to be informed. 1. Ask to see the Certified Document of Training,
2.Ask to see the Original Materials,3. Ask the Back bar supplies, and look up and you will be certain
you are getting the best, Safest, service , and the best Cosmetic in 50 years,

Monica turned me loose! I highlighted and Lowlighted her hair
Then we did a real, Approved ,Brazilian Blowout! right after toning and a fresh Haircut!
The Merlin storm hit her hard, she Left delighted, I’m Happy …. AND SHE IS THRILLED!

Awesome Friends…..Amy

she is so kind and beautiful, I love Amy, she is lovely, I should Pay Her…

After 16 years, I decided it was time for a change, My cell is 559. 287 1220,
You can find me, at a Brand new Full service salon, Drum roll Please!!!!!!