My name is Merlin Robertson, I have been taking care of the Central Valley’s hair care needs for over 29 years.
My Home is a Place Called Kimmy’s Salon on the north west corner of West and Herndon in the North west Commons center.

…..I specialize in Optical Illusions.
I use Light and Dark and use facial shapes to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. It’s Basic art composition. and if you look carefully, you see the future! Hair Talks to me, That’s where the fun comes in !!!!!
I listen…..(APPLASE)))
Human Hair is my Medium, Communication is essential, You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.
There is no reason, after I know your lifestyle, needs, and, goals that you will not be pleased when you leave my Chair. whether you want a trim, or a complete makeover, I assure you, I can I rock it non stop.
You will know  what it will cost, how much it  will cost to maintain ,and  Be Practical for your busy Lifestyle..
………This is the Exact way , I would want to be treated myself…. The Golden Rule….

The color and texture will be calculated perfect for you, It’s what I call “True Value”, Style that really fits ….( insert your name here)!!!

My difference will make a difference in you
Let’s get together and Have some fun!

I am an experienced hair color technician, I have been trained in Toronto at the Dikson Service Academy I love Toronto !. I am a certified Master stylist and educator with Dikson Service Hair Color which is made in Milan, Italy. I have Been using it for 19 Years , It’ comes from Nice people who have been to Strands Salon personally , Distributed through a wonderful Local asset to Fresno, August Metzler For 50 years, not through a huge corporation. I’m very proud of this fact .

I am also  Brazilian Blowout , Rusk Thermal Str8 certified, and Bioionix, Hair Ope Certified Master Hair Straighting Pro, Dikson Color extra Master colorist as well as  A Sebastian Certified Ambassador Technician.

I have studied with the Giants of our industry, Paul Mitchell, Trevor Sorbie, Irvine Rusk, Vidal Sassoon, Sam Brocato,
Robert Lobetta, Jeanne Braa, , Yosh Toya, Robert Cromeans, Brazilian Blowout, On and on…

Anyhow, if you have any questions?, feel free to add me on Facebook, or send me an Email!

I’m having lot’s of fun right now, I love cutting hair, playing music, swimming and Hanging in Yosemite, and chillin’ with my amazing crazy son Nigel, who is an amazing artist. He is going to the Florence Academy of Art in Tuscany Italy, to study 19th Century Classical Realism.

Merlin Believes in giving hairstyles that fit peoples faces, lifestyles, and are easy for the central California Climate.

I Sharpen my shears monthly so a baby trim CAN be a fantastic change. I will work with people always giving a free, comprehensive consultation and evaluation of all possible factors.

My Motto : Never pass a museum or a hot spring without going in…..Merlin and His lovely wife Andrea, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.

Thanks for Visiting, see you soon!
-Merlin Robertson

Hello! I’m Merlin, and I would love to give you a FREE!, Consultation

I am an Expert in Haircutting, I will Make you Happy!!
I Specialize doing the Real, original, long lasting Brazilian Blowout……….., I Do Expert Hair Color !, including color correction, ……I love doing hair…… Whether it’s for your Grandma or your Babys , or anything in between, I love Humans !!!I have been doing for a Twenty five years, ! ………Please call !!!!!! ……I love interesting people !

I have the tools to do Amazing things…..Let Me Entertain you , Let Me Make you Smile..

Iv’e got a Lot of new tricks……………..

To book an appointment please call Merlin @ 559 287 1220
Thank you for visiting!