This is My sweet Girl Ashley, She is a Lovely young Lady, who Has been my Friend since she was 5 or 6, yesterday,
she got her first Car!!! Ashley used to love me spraying a differn’t washout Bright color in her hair, we have always had so much fun, Ashley’s Hair has always been SUPER fine, and very curly, Multi-textured , so she would Flat Iron it ,which
would Damage it so would never get Long, ( what she’s always wanted), she is very Fashion forward,
Yesterday, her Mom came in for her highlight’s and I talked Ashley into a Brazilian Blowout, Guess what , no more Flat Iron!!!!, Now her hair is like new and will finally grow long, I did the Brazilian blowout over High lift highlights,
It has Never been in better Shape, I love you Ashley, Julie, Hallie, Thank you for the Years of support, I am very proud of you! Thank you Julie, who came to my house, as a excellent nurse when I had Surgery, Gave the the best advise I got. Popcicles,