Well I’m Not the greatest writer, But I have to Brag….. about Carol, My Friend Who I fell in
Love with, She is A Afro-American Dentist,( pertains to her Hair Texture) who travel 45 minutes to get her Brazilian Blowout, ( and a weekly style) After a Bad, Bad Experience, I gave her a Bioluster treatment, She trusts Me ….She was so Happy to have healthy Hair when I was done, I could tell she found her new guy, (ME)……It was back to perfect, she knows her hair…. she is fun … we did a silly Picture!!!!! Ill post her new “do” next time.

Then I have Sara, She works at my Doctors Office, She has been dying ( I mean crying and Drying ) with her hair Black , Black, ( it scared Me, to tell the truth) but she wanted it blond again, but another sweet angel, who I had to help.
We decolorized her Hair, Balanced her Porosity, Highlighted her hair in all the right Places , I toned and styled it
after 8 hours in the Salon, She was the First to get there and the Last to Leave, Well…… Look at the Pictures,
I forgot to take before pictures, Sara, and After pictures ( Carol) but the said they would send them to me soon..

Two Miracle in one week!!! and Thank you God , I have so Busy….