Brazilian Blowout ZERO

Amateurs practice until they get it right, Professionals, work until they can’t get it wrong,

This is my Friend, She is a very heavy hitter in the L.A Music scene, AND she Comes to Fresno, Because she knows I’m gonna ROCK her Hair every Time! Her hair is very curly, she needed her Base color touched up, and toned,
before We could even start the straighting Process, It was a Nice Day so We had a Party outside on the Patio, with Lots
of ventilation, I had to call my next appointment, to ask her to come later, It worked out perfect because she had a Flat Tire! This is how I rock the Rock Stars!!! What do you think!!!!!

Briana’s Crazy Curls Tamed with a Brazilian Blowout!

Brazilian Blowout in Fresno Ca!

Brianna was a little nervous, but after I explained the Brazilian Blowout to her, she was stoked! She is one happy girl with a bright future ahead of her, her mom Stephanie, Gave it to her as a Birthday Present, I love both of these girls!!!!

Merlin is the only Stylist to go to when it comes to the Brazilian Blowout in Fresno Ca. Do it right and just visit him. Merlin has it down to a science!

Brainna's Brazilian Blowout in Fresno after

brazilian blowout before and after

Veronica , and the Brazilian Blowout ZERO!!!!

You might know Veronica, She is very Famous in the Univision World, She is delightful! I got a great referral from another Priceless friend( thank you Marcella) her hair was very thick, I called a couple of loyal Friends( clients) to some.
to say I might be running late, of course they were cool, and I went to work, two hours later, her highlighted pretty hair, had the New Brazilian Blowout Zero Treatment, she was kind enough to let me take her Photos before she was Stage ready, I have been keeping the girls hair long so they the Maximum benefit of this service, but soon it will be time for spring haircuts!!!!!!! I work hard and give people a great deal! I’m Proud to show off my Talent!
and My Boys from, Debuted Synth X today , and it rocks!!!!!!!! on the Apple app store..