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Christine Rocking !!!

Kristine is one hot Rocker !!!!!

Manageable Hair Styles by Merlin!

One of my beautiful clients. We are a full service hair salon in Fresno

One of my beautiful clients here.

Her hair is highly manageable, so that she can focus on other priorities. Clients love me because I make them look great, their lives easier! The best part is that I love doing hair and making people happy!

A few of my services to make your life easier include:

    • Permanent Hair Straightening
    • Professional Hair Color
    • Hair Design

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This is one example of my Brazilian Blowout Service.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment (brazilian Blowout) vastly improves the quality of your life because you don’t have to spend each morning dealing with fussy hair, and its long lasting. The BB treatment is especially great if you have thick and wavy to curly hair. It will take the hassle out of doing your hair each morning for months. Which is why I recommend it.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Ivana’s Happy Hair By Merlin! Text Me Now @559-287-1220

My Friend Ivania. She has been my good client for years! She only supports the best fresno hair salons

My Pal Ivana !!!!!

Ivania is AWESOME! Here is a before and after of her hair. She has been coming to me for a while for Hair Design and The Brazilian Blowout. She has happy hair by Merlin! Find me at Kimmy’s Salon in Fresno. Our Cross Streets are Herndon and West next to Me&Eds! (YUM!)

A Little Haircolor, Will go a Long Way !!

MERLIN Is ……. Working on New Fall Looks, it’s time to tone down, That beat up summer hair, condition, and refresh it, make it pretty again ! get rid of the Trailer Park Stripe ! Look Like a Pro, and you wont be busting the piggy bank, I offer solid advice that will honestly make your money last longer,Bring in a Buddy, and I will Double stoke you ! a great Haircut will do wonders for your self esteem! I’m here to help !
Just Call, Merlin 559 287 1220, Money Back if your not Happy !!!
Do you want to look Pretty? I want you to feel great ! It’s why God put me here,
Merlin 559 287 1220 Ps, God Bless you, your not alone, your welcome to make Payments, Postdate Checks or Pay Me when you can, I’m On Your side !!!!!
Love Merlin Kimmys salon , N.W West and Herndon right down the way from Ice cold Beer at Me and Ed”s Pizza !!!! Amazing Pedicures and Manicures

Noir’s Brazilian Blowout

Kimmy’s Salon 449 8889 , my new home, 7035 n west # 102
This is my new Friend Noir, She has thick, Very curly, multi textured hair, Her mother brought her into the Salon, I’m so glad I took a before and after picture, such a pretty girl, but her hair is simply to much for one person to handle, I wish you could seen the smile on her face ! she always wears it up and her scalp was suffering, much better now, Thank your Noir , for letting me Help, I want to help you too, It will seal your hair color too !! Merlin
Bellasima Spa and Salon

Merlin 4 Hair, Fresno’s Hair Color Master!

Today Ellen Came in with an Idea, after a consultation, I decided the Idea would be perfect with her bonny skin tones, She is a Professional Makeup artist trained in London, I went to work using Dikson Color extra! That I have been using for twenty years, and have been an educator for almost as long, I am proud to be the go-to guy when A and M beauty Supply, Needs Me,
They have sent me to the Factory in Toronto, Canada Twice, needless to say the picture she brought in matched exactly what she left with! I love Hair color, I love what it can do for a persons self esteem,
There is no photoshop!!!!! on my website, I am ready to help you, BE ALL YOU CAN BE ! I Want to Help you Feel Great too. Just Call Merlin 559 287 1220 Kimmy’s Salon, Thank you, Merlin
Consultations are always Free, I think you will like what I do,

Amateurs practice until they get it right, Professionals, work until they can’t get it wrong,

This is my Friend, She is a very heavy hitter in the L.A Music scene, AND she Comes to Fresno, Because she knows I’m gonna ROCK her Hair every Time! Her hair is very curly, she needed her Base color touched up, and toned,
before We could even start the straighting Process, It was a Nice Day so We had a Party outside on the Patio, with Lots
of ventilation, I had to call my next appointment, to ask her to come later, It worked out perfect because she had a Flat Tire! This is how I rock the Rock Stars!!! What do you think!!!!!

Before and After Hair

After working 12 hours, This is my Latest Creation!!!! My Friend Sara, Who first came to me, wanting a Perm, she came back 6 months later wanting , Blonde with a Brazilian Blow out, ! same visit, I give myself a A+++
no matter what you want, I listen, then I rock it, I call it perfect customer service, you will get what you ask for,
I’m very proud, because I listen to my customers , then I customize it for the customers,
I’m rocking it non stop! If all business was run, like I run Mine, the world would be a better place!!!!!! I respect my customers wishes,