Silly Girl Fashions
More thanks to Merlin Robertson for kicking ass and making our girls look fabulous… get at him today at
WWW.MERLIN4HAIR.COM | Merlin Robertson – Professoinal Hairstylist @ Strands Salon Fresno, California

Jennifer Manis
Merlin! Thank you so much for doing my hair for the fashion show!! You rock!!

Amanda Whitworth
Oh, and I still need my super awesome shirt for being a merlin4hair faithful! I’ll rock it all day long!
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Stephanie Moreno
Thank you for such an awesome job on the color you did!!!! Worked wonders for such a limited time and I got compliments all day!
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Merlin Robertson You are a angel! And I love that Kayla!
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Stephanie Moreno I’ll text over the pic of u two. SHE got compliments too for her new hairstyle! Thank you so much!! I’ve been trying to get that girl to be stylish with her hair for a couple of years now and you got her to do it in a couple of minutes!!!! She obviously loves ya!
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Merlin Robertson God bless you both, your Beautiful!!!!!
Love mer